Ghana – March 15–27, 2010 – Sustainable Microenterprise and Development Program (SMDP)

Ghana- March 2010 - Sustainable microentreprise and development program - The Carsey Institute.

The SMDP Ghana is an intensive training program offering critical skills for today’s microfinance and enterprise development leaders. Highlights include:

Building the Practice: morning reflection sessions.

Field Visits to Susu Collectors, VSLA groups, and youth enterprise development projects. Guest speakers will cover the latest on: mobile banking, micro-energy development opportunities, and more.


Microfinance Essential SkillsTwo weeks

Introduction to MF, Fundamentals of MF and Development, MF Policy Framework, Legal and Regulatory Framework, Commercialization: Transforming Going Up/Down Market, Social Dimensions of MF, Financial Literacy, Consumer Protection, and Agricultural MF.

Risk Management for Microfinance Institutions – One week

Build a deeper understanding of risk and risk management strategies for MFIs, identify major risks and insights in threat mitigation, and learn how to develop and implement appropriate strategies, processes, and controls

Youth Inclusive Financial Services – Two weeks

How to conduct market research with youth, design financial products for youth, form partnerships to ensure youth-appropriate services, build delivery channels to reach youth, and create monitoring and evaluation systems that capture youth-relevant data. Includes a field-based research component.

Community Managed Microfinance – One week

Six-day course on the history, principles, practices, and implementation of community-managed microfinance, which includes a field visit to a Plan Ghana Village Savings and Loan group.


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