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Microfinance Lunch Break, February 2011 – Luxembourg and Brussels – «Is microfinance relevant for the people living with 2 dollars a day?»

17th Midi de la Microfinance - Microfinance Lunch Break - February 2011: Luxemburgo, 18th and Brussels, 21st.

Organised by ADA (Appui au développement autonome), BRS (Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation), Cera Bank,  KBC, … the Midi de la Microfinance/Microfinance Lunch Break with Johnathan Morduch will take place 18th February in Luxembourg and 21st February in Brussels.

The topic will be ‘How can microfinance optimize the poor’s portfolios?’.

Jonathan Morduch co-author of the book  «Portfolios of The Poor: How the World’s Poor Live on 2 dollars a Day», is Professor of Public Policy and Economics at the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and Managing Director of the Financial Access Initiative. His research centres on microfinance, social investment, and the economics of poverty. Jonathan Morduch will be the keynote speaker at the fourth Microfinance Lunch Break

For more information :

Luxemburgo, 18th February

Brussels. 21st February


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