Francoise ClementiFrench-born Françoise Clementi, held a degree in Chemistry and Computer Science from the Faculty of Science of the University of Paris.

She went on to work for a Spanish saving bank, "Caja de Ahorros de Granada", in the area of application development and new technologies.

Leading a teamwork as Project Manager, she ran numerous management applications. As the same time she collaborated with local non-profit organizations supporting their social intervention.

In 2001, CajaGranada entrusted her with the implement of an innovative microcredit programme aimed at low-income and excluded people. She led this project for seven years from "Fundación CajaGranada Desarrollo Solidario".

The institutional collaboration between "Fundación CajaGranada Desarrollo Solidario" and the European Microcredit Network, the participation in various EQUAL programmes and the coordination of international cooperation projects has allowed Mrs Clementi to know in detail the Spanish, European, Latin American, and African microfinance situation.

She took part in a large number of meetings related to microfinance, as well as she has given several lectures in Universities, public and private organizations.

Mrs Clementi collaborates with Forum Nantik Lum of Microfinance and had the chance to meet Mr Yunus when the Nobel Prize came to Granada to collect an award for his efforts to create economic and social development from below.

Nowadays, she works on her own social consultancy, offering her knowledge, experience and tools to people or institutions willing to learn more, implement or consolidate projects in microcredits.

Since May 2013, she is the secretary of the Spanish Association of Microfinance.

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