A short time ago many entrepreneurs faced the same old problem: how to finance a business idea, and make a profitable business out of it. With no bank guarantee it was almost impossible to get a loan from any traditional funding body.

However, some years ago, a few entities begun to offer microcredits, no collateral needed. This would mean having significant and fresh possibilities for those with limited economic resources.

The target of microfinance is to support for the establishment of new small business or improve the already existing. Microfinance bodies would request for a business plan with modest financial needs, since microcredits are always economically limited.


Microcredits would give the chance to possible entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true.

The following test would help tou to realize your genuine talent and so provide you with a guide to prepare a business plan.


Capabilities to undertake a new business

  Yes, This is totally right That is quite right That is somewhat right I totally disagree
1 I have often dreamed of having my own business  
2 I feel qualified to undertake  
3 I like to make decisions  
4 I like to interact with others  
5 I am consistent in everything I do  
6 I am optimistic  
7 I am proactive  
8 I adapt to changes  
9 I know other entrepreneurs  
10 I have run a business in the past  
11 I am interested in business news  
12 I do not give up easily  
13 I manage my money well  
14 I have no debts  
15 I fullfill my obligations  

Capabilities for a business-orientated mind

  Yes, This is totally right That is quite right That is somewhat right I totally disagree
1 I have a business idea  
2 I have the training / experience to carry out my idea  
3 I know perfectly well the product/service I am going to offer  
4 I have studied the sector and its competitors: objectives, assumptions, strategy, and capabilities  
5 I know all legal requirements of starting a business  
6 I have finished / I am currently working on the business plan  
7 I do not mind giving up my free time to take the project forward  
8 I know the agencies that can inform and help me  
9 I am able to risk part of my personal savings  
10 I have ideas for the future  

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